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Hi, I'm Pete Briscoe. I was the senior pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship for nearly 30 years…

I also preached through the media ministry of Telling the Truth—reaching an audience of more than 1.2 million people every week. I’m passionate about the New Covenant, so my teaching highlights the scandalous love of God, the finished work of Christ, and the beautiful grace we experience through Jesus.

A few years ago, the Lord made it obvious to me and my wife, Libby, that it was time to make a bold move and step out of pastoral ministry and into a new season.

Today, I coach pastors on self-care and preaching and I also work with business leaders on work/life balance and communications.

I don’t have any grand designs on creating a media empire. This is simply a place where my teaching and the message of unadulterated grace can continue to be available. I want people to know that:

  • God loves them to distraction,
  • There is nothing they can do to make Him love them more or less,
  • And, that Life with this Lover God is rich beyond description, regardless of their performance.

I hope the Bible teaching resources you find here will be an encouragement in your walk with Christ.

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