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Breaking Limits

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. —Albert Einstein

If you’ve ever wondered, What does Jesus want to do with me? I’m about to tell you the answer. Jesus takes limited people and does limitless things through them. This is what He did then, and it’s what He will do now.

We’ve been reading about the boy who gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish, and with those loaves, Jesus fed thousands. The bread could have been stale, and the fish could have been fishy, but all that mattered was that the lad’s loaves were in the Lord’s hands.

What we see as “not enough” becomes more than enough when offered to Jesus.

So what does this look like in everyday life?

Some of you are parenting teenagers right now. You’re looking at your kids and looking back at Jesus and wondering, Why did You ask me to raise this kid? It seems like I’m doing it all wrong. My child thinks I’m terrible and I am struggling.

And Jesus is saying to you, “I have you right where I want you—raising this child, so I can demonstrate how capable I am through you. So relax. Let Me parent through you. Trust Me.”

Some of you are leading ministry and are painfully aware of your inadequacy. You are limited and convinced your limitations limit your contributions to your ministry.

Jesus knows this isn’t true. In fact, our limitations give Him room to demonstrate His power.

Some of you are being asked to give generously, but all you can think about is your limited income. Listen, even if you have only a little, trust God. Put the gift in His hands and see what He does.

Even crumbs can be multiplied when they’re offered to Jesus.

Jesus, maybe I look around my life and see only what I lack—time, money, talents, and skills. Let me see my life through Your eyes. Let me see all this lack as the perfect space for You to show off. Thank You for inviting me to be a part of Your great plan. Amen.

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