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Episode 12 of Kindavangelical just released! The Art and Joy of Civil Conversation

Hand in Hand

Moral #1: If you work hard, stay focused, and never give up, you will eventually get what you want in life.

Moral #2: Sometimes the things we want most in life are the things that will kill us. —Donald Miller

The word bewitched is used only once in all of the New Testament. It means “to be fixated upon something that is going to destroy you.” The phrase “deer in the headlights” is appropriate here. Here in Texas, that’s a common occurrence. And as the truck bears down on the staring doe, the deer never wins. Paul saw the Galatians were doing just this, and he pleaded for them to turn around.

You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. (Galatians 3:1)

The Christian life is trusting not working, and yet, some work so hard. Taking their eyes off the cross, they are dazed again by the bewitching lights of the law. They charge ahead in their efforts, alone, leaving the Spirit of God behind. Perhaps they don’t realize they are headed for destruction, for what is the Christian life without the Spirit of God leading?

You foolish Galatians! Like a father whose child just ran into the street and narrowly missed being hit by a car, Paul is pulling the Galatians back into his arms—chastising them in love. Don’t do that again! Have you forgotten what I told you? You could have gotten hurt! Worse, you could have been killed!

It isn’t the desire for transformation that most often goes wrong; it’s our execution of that desire. When we take the Christian life by the reins and start leading it ourselves, we get ahead of God. We prioritize our wants above God’s wants. We work hard, but we trust little.

There’s an alternative: Stay focused on the cross. Allow God to set the pace. Follow His lead at every intersection. It’s hard for a child to dart into the street when he or she is holding the hand of a loving father.

Lord, I live in a society that trains me to set my own pace or get trampled. Have I entered into Your Kingdom with that same mentality? Renew my mind today! As Your child, I give You my hand to hold. Show me Your pace. Lead me… and let’s enjoy the journey. Amen.

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