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His Comfort in Your Pain

Faith is the refusal to panic. —David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Life is difficult, and life is painful. Contrary to popular belief, God never promised that life would be pain-free. He does, however, promise to be present in the midst of the pain. If we believe that, I mean really believe it, it gives comfort and hope.

Sarah and Abraham were unquestionably hurting over their childlessness—a heartache felt by many today, too. I’m sure that decade after decade, Abraham had hope, only to have his dreams crushed again and again. God does not promise offspring to all of us, but He did promise them to Abraham. Would Abraham be willing to risk the pain and hope again?

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations… (Romans 4:18)

I don’t know what issues you’re facing today. I don’t know where you’ve been or what the future looks like from where you stand. But if you’ve opened your life to Jesus Christ, I do know that God is with you and in you right now. When you unleash that truth in your soul, true comfort can be found in the midst of any pain you are enduring. Because not only is belief a confidence in a powerful person, but…

Belief is comfort in the midst of pain.

Lord, You told us that we would have difficulty and pain in this life. I believe that. You also promised that You would bring comfort and peace in it. I believe that, too. Where I have lost hope, I ask that You would give me the faith to live according to Your promises. Amen.

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