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How Great Is God’s Glory?

Dear GOD, I think the stapler is one of your greatest inventions. —Ruth (6 years old)

When we last left Moses, he had asked God to describe Himself so that he would know who it was that was “going with him” as they made the trek to the Promised Land. God had revealed at least 14 attributes about His character. But then Moses pushes a little bit further:

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.” (Exodus 33:18)

God said “no” to this request—and for good reason. Moses was asking if he could step beyond the boundaries of human understanding and know God in ways that are truly unknowable. God held back. He knew that if His glory was fully exposed, it would blow Moses’ mind into a million pieces. His soul would not be able to absorb it. His body would not be able to tolerate it. To see God in all His glory would kill him.

When we use the word Almighty, we’re standing on holy ground, on the edge of the infinite, at the pinnacle of something that is not just wonderful and awesome, but even dangerous.

So, while we might be able to see God as a “father,” we must also, in humility and wisdom, recognize that God is also “farther,” He is beyond our comprehension. There are critical aspects of God that we have no ability to understand or embrace. Power, wisdom, and awesomeness echo from God being farther, much farther, than our ability to understand or experience.

Yes, we can know about God. We can even know Him in a personal way. But in other ways, He is completely unknowable… infinitely beyond our comprehension.

God, thank You for restraining Your awesome glory on this earth to a level that doesn’t lethally overwhelm us! I can’t wait to experience the entire glory of Your presence in heaven. Until then, show me everything You would have me know about You on this earth, so I can worship and trust You more. Amen!

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