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One at a Time

No one has ever become poor by giving. —Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? If being an instrument of God means helping the helpless, then where do we start? Needs are everywhere!

Some of you are wondering if you can get your spouse on board because you’re pretty sure you need to sell the house, cash out your retirement, find a mission overseas, and pack your bags.

And maybe the Spirit will lead you that way. But let me ask you this: What happens to the helpless who are left behind?

The needs are too great for just one person to meet.

But Jesus never said our purpose was to help every single helpless person.

“I assure you that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time … Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarephath in the region of Sidon.” (Luke 4:25-26)

Lots of widows—lots of helpless people—and Elijah was sent to one.

One great prophet was sent to one widow who needed help.

Take a deep breath and let that soak in—you are not called to help every single helpless person. You are called to be God’s instrument, making yourself available so He can play His tune through you when He chooses.

How does Jesus want you to do this? The answer will look different for each of us.

He’s going to ask some of you to release financial resources, others to have ideas for businesses, and some to leave home and live among people in another place. All of you need courage as you grant the Spirit permission to live through you.

Father, I ask for sensitivity toward the people who enter my life. Speak through me so I ask the right questions. Allow my ears to identify the need. Open my hands to release Your gift. Inspire me with Your creativity! Amen.

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