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As believers in Christ, we’re accustomed to the views of the world colliding with our beliefs. Marriage and premarital relationships are certainly two areas where cultural norms increasingly clash with biblical truth—so much so that it’s increasingly rare to hear teaching on these subjects in the church. Sometimes it’s just easier to avoid awkward topics. But it’s worth pressing through the awkwardness so we can experience God’s best for our relationships. In this series, Pete Briscoe tackles four difficult questions: 1. Is it OK to live together? 2. Is there equality in marriage? 3. When is it time to see a counselor? 4. Am I allowed to remarry after divorce? These messages might cause you, or someone you love who needs to hear them, to feel a bit uncomfortable. But in understanding biblical truth in these areas, there’s opportunity to experience freedom from condemnation and find all the fullness of life God designed for our relationships.
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