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Kindavangelical with Pete Briscoe

Kindavangelical is a podcast for folks who have spent time in the evangelical culture but it isn’t working for them anymore. Here we discuss the awkward transition between evangelicalism and… well something else, something different.

If you’re disgruntled with your religious upbringing but still love Jesus, or your kids have left the church and you don’t understand why, this podcast is for you.

I think there are better ideas out there, fresh thinkers, and beautiful ways of living the Christian life, so let’s talk about them, let’s discover them together.

Shadow Of Dinosaur

Evolutionary Creationism—Episode 10

Is evolution true? Is it possible to be a Christian and believe in evolution? Is the earth 6000 years old…

Back Of Woman Sitting At Cafe

Forgive Me—Episode 9

Kindavangelical is the podcast where we talk about more beautiful ways to live the Christian life. Sometimes the more beautiful…

Woman In Coat Walking In Street

Church Stuff—Episode 8

The church is struggling, people are leaving, and it leaves us wondering, is there any hope for the church moving…

Van Parked On The Road During Sunset

After Evangelicalism—Episode 7

Setting out on a journey with no destination is an unnatural thing to do. It is unsettling and we feel…

Bridge In The Middle Of Grassy Area

The Fundamental Shift—Episode 6

If we are going to find “more beautiful ways to live the Christin life” some shifts are necessary. In this…

Winding Dirt Road During Daytime

Where is this Podcast Going?—Episode 5.5

In this extra episode, Pete discusses questions he’s getting after the first five episodes of Kindavangelical. He addresses, “Where is…

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