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Faith Works Like This

True faith rests upon the character of God… —A. W. Tozer

Jesus doesn’t work harder for those who try harder. So if you’ve been busy muscling up some stellar faith, hoping someday you’d have just enough to have just a little more Jesus, you can stop.

Jesus isn’t concerned about the quantity or quality of your faith. He just desires to be the object of your faith.

“The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God…” (Galatians 2:20)

When we depend upon someone other than Jesus, we are going to be disappointed. Our society offers a buffet of choices: health and wellness, dead people, spouses, careers, IRAs, and even pastors. All of them are imperfect and totally unqualified to become the object of your faith.

How about today’s gurus? They’re simply preaching secular legalism—teaching a different list of rules, but rules all the same. Rules can’t hold you up.

I remember my elementary school science teacher explaining the human skeleton. If all went well, I’d never see my own bones. But without them, I’d be nothing more than a blob of flesh and muscle on the pavement. The same goes for faith. People are always looking for a visible object of faith. Yet, it’s the ascended Christ and the invisible but indwelling Spirit who hold us up in this faith journey.

In fact, Scripture teaches that faith is produced by God’s Spirit in us. We have no control over its volume and quantity in our lives. But we do get to choose whom we trust.

What are you facing today? In whom or in what will you put your faith?

Almighty God, I’ve been taught to choose my words wisely, lest I speak words void of faith. I’ve been taught to pray using certain methods and words, lest I forget to say the right thing the right way. I’ve been taught every spiritual manipulation, and none of them stood a chance of manipulating You. Starting today, renew my mind so that I might think thoughts rooted in the mind of Christ. Renew my words so they are life. Hold me up in faith and lead me in the dance. Amen.

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