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Episode 12 of Kindavangelical just released! The Art and Joy of Civil Conversation

Open Your Eyes

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. —Winston Churchill

A friend of mine named Bill once took his family to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on vacation. One night, they hired a taxi to take them out to eat. The driver asked if he could come back and pick them up later, so they agreed. After dinner, Bill asked him in broken Spanish how many kids he had. The driver replied, “Cuatro.” (Four)

Bill then asked how old they were. The driver replied, “Cuatro.”

“How about the other ones?”


At first Bill thought the driver misunderstood. They went around and around until, all of a sudden, he realized the man had quadruplets.

Bill, never having seen quadruplets, asked if they could take this man and his family out for dinner. The next day, as the driver and his wife filed into the local McDonald’s, Bill and his wife’s hearts broke when they saw the last two boys. Their eyes were terribly crossed and they couldn’t walk as a result. After a little digging, Bill learned there was a surgery that could fix the little boys’ eyes, but a very small window of time was left for it to be done.

The problem? The driver only made $10 per day. There was no way they could afford the surgery. So God moved the hearts of Bill and his family. They looked into it and found a doctor who could perform the surgery. After the kids went through the surgery, both boys’ eyes were perfectly straight and they began learning how to walk.

God gave Bill and his family eyes to see the need that was around them. What an awesome way to view the world. Imagine the difference we can make as Christ expresses His life through us. After all, miracles happen when people step out in faith in Him. Will you?

Holy Spirit, I think MY eyes are the ones that are crossed. I’m that one who cannot walk freely as You intended. Correct MY vision. I believe that You will bless me as I allow You to bless others through me. I believe that I’ll be storing up treasure in heaven. Amen.

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