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The Best Infection

During the 1900s, the death rate for nine different diseases dropped by 100 percent. By exposure through injection, public immunity was generated, and life expectancy increased. 

But in other realms, inoculation works against us. In fact, I believe that repeated exposure to church might be keeping some of you from salvation. It’s completely possible to hear the Gospel so many times without responding to it that you become inoculated to the Good News. That’s some frightening immunity, right? 

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. (Hebrews 2:1) 

The author of Hebrews begs us to combat inoculation by paying closer attention to what we’ve heard. Paying closer attention was a nautical term referencing the only action that keeps a boat from drifting—tying it to its mooring. Essentially, we are being told to anchor ourselves to the Gospel. 

And so what is it that makes Jesus so much better than anything you’ll leave behind to follow Him? With fresh eyes, read the Gospel once more. 

Scripture is categorically clear: God is perfect, and we are not. Sin separates us from Him and fragments our earthly relationships. But God loves us too much to leave conditions as they are, and so He executed a plan that began unfolding centuries ago. His eternal Son entered earth fully God and man—living a perfect life. Around Jesus’ 33rd birthday, He offered Himself for us. He went to a cross and sacrificed Himself. This is historically true. 

And in that moment, Jesus made it possible for our sins to be erased. He closed the separation between God and us. He died. He came back to life. He ascended to heaven. 

When we admit that we cannot save ourselves and we cry out for Him to save us, He does. But He doesn’t stop there. He also transforms us as His Spirit comes to live in us. 

He died, He rose, we receive, and He then transforms and indwells. This is the Gospel. Will you let it infect you? 

Jesus, my Savior, today is the day I surrender. I receive Your forgiveness and give over my shame. I empty myself of ambition and invite Your Spirit to indwell me. Thank You for rescuing me from death and bringing me into life. Amen.

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