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Episode 13 of Kindavangelical just released! Patriarchal Regrets

Trust Fall

The ego hates losing—even to God. —Richard Rohr

If you were being honest, how much do you trust God’s Spirit? Are you the preventative measure person—working ahead of God’s Spirit, accomplishing what you can, and asking Him to tie up your loose ends?

Or do you wait for Him to lead and then agree to follow? Are you cool with loose ends and unknowns?

It’s hard, isn’t it? Relinquishing control goes against the flesh. Our society values independence, and the flesh is all about independence. But God’s Kingdom values dependence, unity, and surrender.

So where are you in your trust fall with God?

  • Some of you are consistently walking in the Spirit. None of us are nailing it—that will happen when we meet Jesus—but many are mostly surrendering to the Spirit and living out the benefits! Your relationships show it. You are pure and growing. It’s the best way. So keep going and don’t stop.
  • Some of you are consistently walking in the flesh. When asked if your life would look any different if the Holy Spirit had been removed, you are like, “Nope. It would be exactly the same.” Relationships are full of strife. You gratify impulses. You do what you want rather than how God leads. You’re going to destroy relationships and hurt people who love you. It’s reckless. So take the warning! Stop. Trust that the Holy Spirit has your best interests in mind and listen.
  • A bunch of you do a fantastic job trusting the Holy Spirit in all areas—except those few you like to hold on to, right? You can’t let go of these because, if you were honest, you think you can do a better job with this than He can. You fail to believe in the supreme power of the Holy Spirit. Maybe you control money, relationships, or decisions. I want to encourage you to let go. Ask the Holy Spirit to take it from you. Tell Him it’s His.

Father, I like to feel safe and in control. Uncertainty scares me, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the dance of freedom. I choose to trust in You. I rest in the fact that You promise to live out this choice through me. Amen.

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