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Episode 13 of Kindavangelical just released! Patriarchal Regrets

Can you imagine Jesus smiling, laughing, and enjoying some casual time with His disciples? Or do you think He was always serious? Some people are convinced that Jesus never had any fun and was somber all the time.

If you believe this and you limit your perception of Jesus to a stern teacher, then your walk with Him can become stiff and rigid. But when you look at the Gospels, you can see how Jesus loved to smile, laugh, and share joyful moments with His disciples and everyone He encountered.

In this message, Pete Briscoe shows us how Jesus had a playful side to His character. If your life with Jesus has stiffened, He can’t wait to bring joy and laughter back into your life!

Scripture: John 21:1 - 21:12 , Matthew 17:24 - 17:27

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