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Where Do You Find Awe in Your Everyday Life?
JULY 3 2022

I wanted to share this thought I read this morning.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel said, if we “forfeit our sense of awe, the universe becomes a marketplace.”

As I read this I realized how easy it is for the universe to “become a marketplace”, how we can slide into a numbing cycle of making and spending money. We recognize the tepid fulfillment this type of life creates, but we assume that this lack of fulfillment is a result of failing to make enough money. The solution is obvious, just make more… and the universe becomes a marketplace.

As we continue to grow into what it means to be truly human; feeling and expressing our emotions, resonating with truth and beauty, nurturing a conscious contact with God, and creating time to breathe and cherish, we can mitigate this tendency to see life as a marketplace.

As Heschel says, ‘awe’ can mitigate this free-fall into consumerism. I have learned that I need to mindfully look for the awe in life. My time in the natural world has become a primary source for this inner wonder.

Where do you find awe in your everyday life?

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