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Episode 12 of Kindavangelical just released! The Art and Joy of Civil Conversation

The Church Needs a Reset
Do you dream of a day when the Church is a leading force in the world? A safe harbor for the lost and hurting, and a place of healing and redemption for everyone to come—just as they are? Jesus tells us in John 14 that it can and will be done, and that the Church will do even greater things than He because of the Holy Spirit. Fast-forward to the book of Acts, and we see the amazing things God accomplished in the early Church through the apostles once the Spirit came upon them. Not only were many people saved—they were accepted, they were healed, they experienced love, and they found their identity and purpose in the Church. Now imagine that kind of passion multiplied by hundreds of millions of Spirit-filled believers worldwide, and the only question left to ask is—why are we so impotent? Taught from the book of Acts, this powerful series from Pete Briscoe shows us how all who believe in Jesus are the conduits to the Spirit’s activity. And His power will be fully unleashed when we allow the Holy Spirit to do God things through us.
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